Garden lighting: how to make your garden a beautiful place

Welcome to my garden, a reservoir of knowledge in garden lighting and landscape design and a source of tips and tricks to improve your garden.

I believe that  “As Is The Gardener, So Is The Garden”. Therefore garden lighting is an aspect that cannot be overlooked.

I would like to help you discover how to improve your outdoor space and make the most of it. Garden lighting is not just about choosing the right lights but also adding the most appropriate accessories, plants and paths to make a garden an enjoyable and safe space.

However, garden lighting goes beyond the purely aesthetic logic and becomes a rather technical subject which requires an understanding of architecture, lighting design, gardening, science and optical illusions, for this reason the plan for a new garden must be well structured and done with some knowledge at hand.

Garden lighting

Garden lighting: are you ready for the makeover?

My aim is to widespread some notions of garden lighting and landscape design to make every garden the perfect oasis. I also share my projects to inspire.

Don’t forget, you need some practical knowedgle before emabarking on your project, to begin your journey towards the enlightenment you can:

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