Russell Page: Landriana Gardens, Italy

In the Italian coast of the centre of Italy is where the beautiful Landriana Gardens are located. These gardens are a unique example of modern gardening and reflect the great ability of the landscaper Russell Page (info wikipedia).

Landriana Gardens history

At an auction, in 1956, the Marquis Gallarati-Scotti and his wife, Lavinia Taverna, bought a countryside property near Ardea, a pretty coastal town. At that time, the land was deserted and still contaminated with bombs and mines from the Second World War.

Russell Page: Landriana Gardens

There were no clear plans about the gardens, in first place some pine cones and eucalyptus were planted because of the need of shades in the hot Summer months. Then Lavinia found out that she was very passionate about gardening and started to plant hundreds of plants around the house that was called Landriana.
One day her dear friend and excellent gardener, Count Donato San Miniatelli, suggested to seek the advice of the famous English landscaper Russell Page. This is how Russell Page arrived at the property in 1967.

Page partitioned the garden by following acute geometrical shapes, cut by lawns and paths. He taught thorough fully to every single functions and aesthetics of the garden.
Close to the house a mesmerizing pergola a small garden was built with a water fountain positioned to delight people in the dining room.
Other important sections were: a rose garden (Giardino degli aranci), a garden for cuttings (today Giardino degli ulivi) and a rockery garden.

Landriana Gardens


A few years ago the gardens were opened to the general public and many people came to visit one of the best examples of a modern garden.
Unfortunately Lavinia died in 1997, so the work in the garden has stopped but she left behind a unique heritage for the world.
Today, Landriana is a source of inspiration for whoever is interested in gardening or who loves nature and immersing themselves in breath taking natural beauty. It is certain that the dreams and ideas behind the garden will thrive and develop in the near future.

Landriana Gardens

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