Landscape and Lighting Design Consultancy
for your Garden

With Landscape and lighting design consultancy for your garden, I intend to help you achieve a functional and safe outdoor space which is also cost effective. I will give you guidance on the lighting to use but also which low-maintenance plants are best for your climate and your necessity. Guidelines on watering and pruning are also covered in addition to new plant suggestions and placement.

 Most people don’t know but a consultation not only helps you to have to achieve an attractive and low maintenance garden but can save you money by suggesting appropriate plants, placement and maintenance scheduling.

arch_Frau Mario, Parabiago, Milan, Italy

In fact, most people over-light, over-prune, over-water and over-fertilize when their plants don’t need it.  In addition, they have plants that struggle to survive at all this, and often waste money buying trees and plants in larger sizes from the nursery when smaller sizes will work just as well.

Services list: landscape and lighting design consultancy

  • BASIC CONSULTATION: I examine your current landscape and discuss your goals, such as having a low-maintenance garden, improving the variety of plants etc. Verbal recommendations for new plants and their placement along with plant removals, pruning and watering guidelines will be covered. I will also help you learn how to take care for your existing plants and identify any potential problems. Irrigation guidelines are also included. Cost $300

House in Parabiago, Milan, Italy

  • CONSULTATION WITH PHOTO DESIGN, PLANT LIST, AND WRITTEN GUIDELINES: I will prepare a detailed, written report from our meeting together with all of my recommendations including a photo landscape design, a custom plant list complete with photos and recommended sizes along with detailed pruning, watering and fertilizing guidelines.

The recommendations in the written report can be implemented by you or the landscaper or your choice.  I can also refer you to a landscape contractor who will implement the recommended changes if desired. Cost $600

Japanese Garden, Villaguradia, Como, Italy

– YEARLY OR SEASONAL FOLLOW-UP VISIT: I will re-visit your garden and make verbal suggestions for any ‘tweaking’ needed including any recommended changes in maintenance, plant replacement, etc. Cost $200

Landscape in Senago, Milan, Italy

– NEW LANDSCAPE DESIGNS: Do you have a brand new landscape plan, but aren’t thrilled with the plants recommended?  I will work with your existing plan to create a design using plants to compliment your hardscape.  Plants will be selected based on their ability to thrive in our climate while adding beauty to your outdoor space.  Price is dependent on the size of the project.

Payment is due at time of service.  I accept cash, check and credit cards.

House in Villaguardia, Como, Italy


About me

My name is Mario Frau and I’m passionate about gardening and lightness. I have worked as a architect, I’m certified arborist, landscape and lighting designer and consultant for over 20 years in Italy and in different Country in the world.


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