What is Garden Lighting Design?

Garden lighting design refers to the planning of a garden in terms of lighting, eventual accessories and finishing touches. Its aim is to transform the outdoor space to make it more appealing and safer too.

 garden lighting design paths

The subject is also scientific and for this is reason there is a designated figure in charge of the garden redesign. In fact, a garden lighting designer is a specialist who knows  about architecture and lighting, and ultimately landscaping. He is the person in charge of a project who optimizes a garden whilst taking into account access, various dangers and also the client’s needs.

What’s involved in garden lighting design?

The lighting plan for a garden is not just about illumination. It involves the various applied fittings, the suggestions on plants and much more. Let’s analyze the possible elements of a garden lighting project:

  • Lighting: this is certainly the most important aspect, because under the view of lighting design, you are able to decorate with lights. The lighting part of a project involved in the choice of lights to be installed and the planning of the scheme to ensure the zones are lit in the best way.
  • Decking, Patios and terraces: these options are related to flat and hard landscaping.
  • Steps: they are useful to level out uneven grounds but also to create paths.
  • Drives and paths: guides on the ground which are complemented with lights are indispensable for safety reasons, but they can be a nice accent to create ambiance.
  • Plants: trees, flowers and small vegetation helps in make the garden appealing. The soft landscaping also softens the edges of the hard landscaping.
  • Statues and mirrors
  • Fountains and water features 
  • Choices of style: another element, not to underestimate, is the style of the garden. This depends on personal taste but also on the fundamental necessities. In fact, a very precise garden with many features may require high maintenance which is not ideal for everyone, in this case choosing the right plants can make the real difference.

garden lighting design House in Parabiago, Milan, Italy

Why garden lighting?

  • Aesthetic needs: a well built and well thought out garden is certainly useful to improve aesthetic appeal of any house and also its value. It’s pleasurable to have a garden which is functional but nice at the same time.
  • Lifestyle related needs: a garden can be considered as an extension of the house and that’s why it fulfills some important functions such as friends gathering, parties or the much loved barbecue.
  • Security and safety: a well lit garden guarantees the safety of inhabitants and it’s visitors whilst scaring off unwanted intruders.

garden lighting design House in Villaguardia, Como, Italy

How garden lighting design?

Getting started on garden lighting design cannot be very straightforward, however you can certainly get started in these ways:

  • Researching and studying other’s lighting design projects in search of ideas
  • Browsing the internet in search of products that inspire your imagination
  • Reading a book/guide on lighting design for your garden
  • Make a list of the uses of your garden and then decide which areas need some lighting. The functional areas can be your starting point for your projects.

If you are  looking to redesign your garden, it can be useful to read in first instance a manual on garden lighting to get the right ideas and an understanding on how light works.

Do you need any help?  Contact me, I can help to get your garden right.


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